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Remodeling the "Traditional" Way

Traditionally, a home remodeling project requires the expertise of two totally separate professions, an architecture and  home remodeling contractor. First you would hire an architect to design your remodeling project according to your specific needs and desires. Then you would hire a home remodeling contractor to actually turn the design into reality by constructing the project according to the drawings - that is, if the remodeling project cost didn't exceed the anticipated budget. Sadly, many home remodeling projects never actually get built even though they have been completely designed and wind up grossly exceeding the anticipated budget.


With the traditional approach there is usually very little, if any, communication between the architect and the remodeling contractor prior to the actual construction. This means that any ideas that the remodeling contractor may have such as a more cost effective solution to a particular remodeling design challenge, or a more appropriate material or product, or just a better way of doing something in general, even certain ideas may not have gotten incorporated into the remodeling plans which can often result in expensive change orders and a less than ideal solution.


Remodeling the "Design/Build" Way

The professional Design/Build approach to remodeling is a "one stop shop" approach to home building and remodeling that has revolutionized residential home remodeling in many important ways. Why the approach is not necessarily new, Design/Build/Remodel has become very popular because it eliminates many of the common problems, frustrations and set-backs associated with the traditional approach.


By combining the three services and expertise of the remodeling contractor, the architect and/or designer into one unified service, you allow the architect/designer and the remodeling contractor to work together as a cohesive team in a very synergistic way. This typically results in a much more effective remodeling process from the beginning to the end with fewer changes during construction and in many cases a much higher level of client satisfaction.


Notable Benefits of Design/Build/Remodeling Includes:

1) Contractor (Breeze Construction LLC) provides owner with a single point of accountability. This virtually eliminates any finger pointing between all parties involved. 2) If the project has been designed to your needs and desires with a realistic budget in mind, and if  the cost begins to exceed the anticipated budget, you know almost immediately and can adjust as needed. 3) Greater level of trust between client and contractor, contractor has a much better sense of your needs and desires having been involved from the beginning. 4) Proven process that produces quality results and high satisfaction levels.  

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